82 Guppy Rd, Greenmeadows

Our pre-school centre offers age specific activities that are designed around developmental stages. The programme supports independence, group and individual learning experiences. We have a strong focus on assisting children in discovering who they are, so that they can learn to express their own opinions and nurture their ideas.

Our pre-school learning programme is designed to encourage children to new levels, preparing them for the next important stage in their life (primary school).
Programmes are planned by careful observation of the child’s interaction with the environment as this reveals what is individually appropriate for each child.
At Little Guppies we provide stimulating, challenging and accessible materials that are inviting and aesthetic to your child. This specially created environment entices children to explore, discover, manipulate and learn.

Little Guppies provides a curriculum that encourages and supports the Reggio Emilia approach of learning and development. Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a community widely known for its model pre-school education program. This approach involves teachers spending a great deal of time listening to children and documenting their thoughts.

We place a high value on our ability to improvise and respond to children’s pre-disposition to enjoy the unexpected.