Nursery Curriculum

Little Guppies Approach to Learning and Development

Little Guppies provides a curriculum that encourages and supports the Reggio Emilia approach of learning and development. Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a community widely known for its model preschool education program. This approach involves teachers spending a great deal of time listening to children and documenting their thoughts.

Children are encouraged to find answers out for themselves, to problem solve and inquire. Play is child-initiated and teachers listen with their eyes and ears providing support and guidance through research and nurturing.

Little Guppies supports the philosophy that we are a community of learners, parents, teachers and child learning and growing together. That all have personal strengths that enriches further learning to ensure the image of the child as a competent, capable and confident learner.

Little Guppies also supports the philosophy that the environment is the third teacher. We offer a quality environment with large bay windows providing natural light and flow to the outside environment. The outdoor environment has well established gardens and trees which offer tactile and interactive experiences.

Little Guppies has a range of resources both natural and man made. Children have the choice to choose what they want under the supervision and guidance of our teachers.

Teachers also implement the learning outcomes from the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whaariki (Ministry of Education, 1996) as a guideline to children’s learning dispositions. It embraces the dual heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand and incorporates the diversity and importance of all our families.

Daily Programme

7.15 am Centre opens / Free play*
8:45 am Under 2’s Morning Tea
9.00 am Over 2’s Morning Tea
9.15 am Free Play* and Sleep if Needed
10.45 am Under 2’s Lunch / Over 2’s Group Time
11.15 am Over 2’sLunch
11.30 am Free Play* and Sleep if Needed
1.45 pm Under 2’s Afternoon Tea
2.00 pm Over 2’s Afternoon Tea
2.15 pm Free Play* and Sleep if Needed
4.00 pm Late Snack for All
5.30 pm Centre closes

*Free play is child initiated play which may comprise of art, play dough, carpentry and singing. Teachers are encouraged to support children’s interests throughout these times.