Nursery Child Health

Health & Safety

Little Guppies aims to provide a warm and safe environment with positive outcomes for both you and your child. Your child’s safety is paramount! In the event of your child being sick we recommend that you keep them at home until they are well to attend. Should your child become ill at the centre or show symptoms of ill health (eg: green runny nose, high fever etc) you will be notified. Your child must be collected as soon as possible and signed out. (PLEASE READ CENTRE POLICIES)

If your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness a doctor’s certificate is required upon their return. Little Guppies follows the guidelines of Local Health Providers in that all children are immunised. However if your child is not immunised Little Guppies is responsible in notifying you of an outbreak of a contagious illness. Safety is a collective priority!

Accident Chart

Should a child have an accident at the centre the parent will be notified upon collection of their child. In severe accidents you will be contacted immediately. A detailed explanation as to how the incident occurred will be written up and signed by two teachers. Parents must sign both copies to ensure that notification of the incident has been made. The form is prepared in duplication so the centre will have a copy and a copy is given to the parent. In more serious matters we will contact you by phone. This chart is located at the entrance way of the centre.


Little Guppies requires prescribed medicine to be written into the Medication Chart upon arrival and the medicine is to be put in to the fridge or in the cabinet. These items must be named and the dosage with time to be taken must be written on the chart. This must also be collected and signed for at the beginning and end of the day.

Sleep and Rest

At Little Guppies we understand the individual needs of each child. While at the centre transitional times such as sleep or resting are monitored and noted in daily charts that are signed off by our teachers. All parents have access to these forms should you wish to enquire about your child’s progress. This chart can be found at the entrance way of the centre.