Kindergarten – Communication

Management Role

Little Guppies is an education and care service for infants, toddlers and young children. Management supports an open-door policy of communication for children, parents, whanau and staff. We encourage accountability and consultation with our parents, whanau, staff, specialist professionals in the early childhood sector and the wider community in order to achieve and maintain Guidelines set out in the Desirable Objectives and Practices (Ministry of Education, 1998): the Early Childhood Regulations (1996), New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whaariki (Ministry of Education, 1996) and Local Council Bylaws and Codes pertaining to the care and education of children.

Teachers’ Role

Little Guppies aims to employ 100% qualified teachers. These teachers must role model positive behaviour in a professional manner and meet Teacher Competencies as outlined by the New Zealand Teachers Council. We encourage open, reciprocal relationships between teachers, child and parents/whanau based on quality interactions and respect. We are responsible for providing quality care and education in a warm and safe learning environment. The teacher’s aim is to provide current pedagogy through ongoing professional development so that children are empowered to become competent and confident lifelong learners.

Programme Planning and Assessment

Little Guppies recognises the importance of documentation of all work from the child. Teacher’s document a child’s personal and group learning through learning stories, parent and child voice and daily interactions. Planning and assessment is developed and reviewed using the guidelines of “Kei Tua o te Pai” (notice, recognise and respond) and in collaboration of teachers, child and parents.

Under the Reggio Emilia philosophy we actively display children’s artwork and photo’s showing projects that they have been doing. This lets the child know that their work is at the centre of importance.

Each child is given a portfolio which is a collection of these assessments for both individual and group learning and development. To support the collaboration and partnership between Little Guppies teachers and parents/whanau we encourage parents/whanau to participate and contribute to their child’s learning and development.

Complaints Procedure

At Little Guppies we encourage open communication between Management, Teachers, Staff and Parents/Whanau. In the event of a complaint notification must be made to the Head Teacher or Assistant Supervisor as soon as possible. Upon notification being made the Head Teacher will approach the person concerned and proceed with the complaints procedure. Every endeavour will be made to come to a timely, efficient conclusion to the complaint. Little Guppies has an open door policy and all discussions will be treated in a confidential and professional manner. Please see the complaints procedure on the wall of the main entrance.